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Burberry New Check Nylon And Leather Belt Black Grey 1003 official sale 678243fr


accepts forestry land as debt payment from lumber company The Nova Scotia government is picking up 3,242 hectares of forestry land in western Nova Scotia in exchange for debts owed the province by family owned lumber company burberry sale store Freeman and Son of Greenfield.

The land, in 19 blocks scattered across Kings, Lunenburg, Shelburne, Queens, and Annapolis counties, is owned by the long time Queens County sawmiller. Natural Resources Minister authentic burberry outlet Lloyd Hines said Wednesday the properties are productive forest lands and have been rigorously evaluated by government as well as an independent appraiser for a fair market value of about $3.6 million. government is very cognizant of the public purse, Hines said. have to make sure we getting value. the parcels include about 12.5 kilometres of lake waterfront, Hines said. 55 per cent of them have not been logged, he said. The land also supports outdoor recreation, hunting and fishing, according to a news release Wednesday. concept is highest and best use, Hines said, adding that the properties will also be used to support the forest industry. horizons when we looking at forestry lands are long term, he said. view it as a garden, but we don take a crop every year. Sometimes it every half a century. described the sale as a as usual land transaction. purchasing land from people all the time... said Nova Scotia has the lowest percentage of Crown land of any province in Canada except Prince Edward Island. Of the 5.3 million hectares of land in Nova Scotia, about one third is owned by the province. In other provinces, the Crown owns half to 90 per cent. The debt is owed to Nova Scotia Business Inc., so the province will essentially be paying itself, but getting the land in the deal. The province did not say whether the sale covers all of the debt owed. The Department of Natural Resources release said the department acquires land to support government priorities such as rural economic development, land protection and conservation, increasing coastal and waterfront access and improving the lives of Nova Scotians through outdoor recreation opportunities. over a decade, buying land from forestry companies has been an effective way for government to acquire productive land across Nova Scotia, it said.

According to a paper submitted to the province to help form a new Natural Resources Strategy, Freeman and Son is among the oldest family businesses in Nova Scotia, having operated sawmills in Greenfield, Queens County since 1832. The company owns more than 10,000 cheap burberry hectares of woodland, and is the burberry sale outlet legit county second largest employer, with 120 year round direct employees and significant economic benefits in Halifax and Western Nova Scotia. The paper estimated the company produces 65 million board feet of lumber and value added lumber products annually.

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