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Abuse inquiry 'may solve murder' From The Argus Colin Wallace, who spent nearly six years in prison following the death of Brighton antiques dealer Jonathan Lewis, told The Argus questions remain unanswered over the 1980 mystery.

The now 72 year old, who was cleared on appeal in 1996, was an Army intelligence office working in Northern Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s. As well as working on secretive black propaganda missions at the height of the Troubles, Mr Wallace also blew the whistle on abuse at the notorious Kincora boys' home in Belfast. Following his release from prison, investigative journalist Paul Foot suggested he may have been framed over the death in order to keep him quiet over his top secret work in Northern burberry discount outlet online Ireland and what he knew about Kincora. An inquiry into abuse at the home is ongoing in Northern Ireland, and, speaking to The Argus from his home in Arundel, Mr Wallace said it may yet spark revelations about the Lewis case. He said: "The whole thing, in my own mind, I link the two up but in reality I have to keep the two separate. The danger is I cannot prove anything. "There are huge questions raised as you know from the evidence. There was clearly evidence that was rigged. I think there should have been an inquiry and someone should have been prosecuted over it. "Well it could [still happen] and I think it depends what we learn from this inquiry because it may well be that something comes from the Kincora inquiry." Mr Wallace was charged with murder in September 1980 after Mr Lewis's body was found in the River Arun. He had developed a close relationship with Mr Lewis's wife, Jane, which was presented to jurors as a motive for the killing. Evidence presented to his trial at Lewes Crown Court was inconsistent and the judge eventually directed jurors to consider a manslaughter verdict. The detective overseeing the murder case, Gordon Harrison, was later among the burberry stores worldwide team from Sussex Police who investigated the Royal Ulster Constabulary's handling of the Kincora investigation. Mr Wallace agreed justice had not been done for Mr Lewis, adding: "It was very sad, he was a great character and I think everybody involved in it, all the families, had a particularly bad time. "The trouble is with the passage of time it becomes very difficult now to go anywhere and you could perhaps stir it up but unless you have got a good chance of it working, you create a lot of stress and emotion which goes nowhere. "I still think it will be interesting to see what comes out from the Kincora investigation because the other side of me believes there are definitely links, but until we can get evidence to stand that up it is silly trying to make that accusation." "Once the Kincora inquiry is dealt with properly it may well throw up [other things]." Sentenced to jail for a crime he didn't commit Colin Wallace had been working as an intelligence officer for the Army in Northern Ireland before his dismissal in controversial circumstances for leaking information to the press. He took a new job as a communications officer for Arun District Council and with his wife, Eileen, moved to Arundel for what should have been a somewhat quieter life. While working on the council team's progression on the popular game show It's a Knockout, he formed a close relationship with his assistant, Jane Lewis. That relationship would ultimately be deemed a motive for murder after her husband, Jonathan Lewis, was found dead in the River Arun on August 8, 1980. Convicted of manslaughter, it would be nearly six years before Mr Wallace was released on parole and not until 1996 that his name was finally cleared after his conviction was quashed at the appeals court. "I think it is easier now," he said. "For years it was not easy, particularly being locked up, if you spend time in prison for something you did not do. "I got through it okay, I was very lucky, I was very well treated by everybody in prison." The first post mortem on Mr Lewis's body, found in the River Arun after he failed to turn up to a surprise party thrown by Mr Wallace for Mrs Lewis, led police to conclude there was no foul play. But it soon became a murder enquiry. Mrs Lewis was spoken to again by police, focusing on the details of her relationship with Mr Wallace. He then admitted to police he had met Mr Lewis on the night of his death to talk about Jane, changing his first account that he had not seen him. Mr Wallace said he had not told the truth at first because he did not want to embarrass Jane. "It is easy to see in hindsight how wrong I had been to tell a false story at the beginning and how much burberry brit website damage it did me," he is quoted as later saying. "But at the time it did not seem like that." His trial began at Lewes Crown Court on March 3, 1981, and lasted three weeks. Forensic evidence for the prosecution, such as blood supposedly in his car, was repeatedly shown up. Sightings of his "It's a Knockout" burberry sheets car proved equally inconsistent.

A barwoman said she had seen Mr Lewis with somebody other than Mr Wallace on the evening of his death. Strange things happened outside of court, too. Photos appeared in the press of Mr Wallace wearing SAS gear, forcing his lawyers to abandon their strategy, agreed with the prosecution, of not mentioning Mr Wallace's military background.

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