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Burberry Logo Side Connector Sunglass Black White official clearance sale 02058N2Z


Albert Taxpayers Association Elects New Board From the December SATA Newsletter: Firstly, we would like to thank those of you burberry duffle who attended SATA's Annual General Meeting, for making it a success. For those of you who were unable to attend, we take pleasure announcing the election of a new Board. , SATA President since 2008, is being replaced by Gordon Hennigar. Accepting a position Lynda said, accomplished much over 3 1 years and there is still lots to burberry factory outlet prices be done, and it time for change in leadership. As director I will continue my strong presence in SATA and focus on building our membership Gordon, who was the original impetus to the formation of SATA, added has spent a phenomenal amount of time and diligence building a solid foundation for SATA. We definitely need to build on this and will share ideas for doing so at our next Board and Member meetings Reflecting burberry tops on sale on the transition, Lynda said am very encouraged that other SATA members have volunteered to stand for election to officer positions and others are remaining or transitioning to burberry apparel sale other Board positions.

Their commitment ads depth to our Board and bodes well for the next two years leading up to the 2013 Municipal elections. It sends a clear message that SATA is vibrant and strong The new Board will be meeting early in January. Following the meeting, it will outline its ideas for moving forward in dialogue with SATA members at the next members meeting.

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