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Burberry Small Nova Check Tote Bag Black 01 official clearance 242629QU


A Wright Christmas Matt Wright, who will be heading home for the holidays, will, for the second consecutive year, add in a one hour comedy performance to his holiday visit, when he performs for the hometown crowd at the Joseph R.

Smallwood Arts and Culture Centre in Gander, Dec. 27. He said the show in Gander will be a personal highpoint of the five show series entitled a Wright Christmas Comedy Tour. "Honestly, it's the highlight of the tour for me", said Mr. Wright, who resides in St. John's. "People from Gander have been incredible when it comes to supporting what I'm trying to do, and I'm doing a new hour from last year so I hope people enjoy the new material." The stand up comedian left Gander after high school to attend Memorial University, and it was by chance and the encouragement of his peers that ultimately led him down the career path of a comedian. "I did a burberry dog coat Bachelor of Commerce at MUN and my classmates asked me to host my graduation dinner. It ended up going pretty well and a few people mentioned I should try stand up at Yuk Yuk's. Looking back they might have been kidding, but I did it anyway," said Mr Wright. "I tried to do an amateur night at Yuk Yuk's but it ended up being during the Funniest Newfoundlander competition. So I entered that accidentally, made it through the first two rounds, and finished second place overall in end." The comedian kept the effort up, regularly attending the amateur night at the Yuk Yuk's comedy club in St. Johns. It proved to pay off for the witty young comedian. "Then I just kept doing the amateur night after that and one night one of the agents from Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa was in the audience and I've been working with them since," he said Asked how to describe his onstage antics, Mr. Wright said his brand of comedy is a hybrid of storytelling and delivering one liners. "My style, if burberry outlet seattle you can call it that, is through trial and error," he said "I'll try to do 10 new minutes or so at an open mic every week, and often times I'll only keep a couple there and then you just piece it together. "I just try to stay true to myself and write a lot and hope people connect with what I'm saying." The stand up comedian has had a fair share of career highlights so far, performing shows alongside comedy stars Nikki Payne and Mr. Wright. "Honestly though, doing the show in Gander last year and to get burberry online store such a big turn out and do an hour for the first time was amazing. That was probably the highlight so far." Mr. Wright noted the exciting feeling of making a room full of people laugh, but seeing the other side of the coin is almost inevitable for any performer. "When you're in a room and people are rolling with you and everyone is on the same page is the best feeling I've ever had," he said. "It's like if you play a sport you have to practice. "Sucking is part of everything. I go to open mics with half expectations that it might not go well, but you have to work on new stuff. Nothing is ever going to be perfect." The comedian also has a strong interest and in writing for television and movies, and has a short film set to be released in the summer of 2014. The film, Phantom Ring, isa short comedy about cellphone addiction starring Justin Nurse and Janelle Hickey. "I've always wanted to write for movies and TV. It's a large part of the reason I did stand up. I wrote a feature script about five years ago that probably eight people have read and it's just collecting dust," he said. The comedian from Gander is a rising star in the comedy world, and will expand his comedic spectrum through various outlets of laughter, he said. "I'm going to lock this tour down, then I've got some more gigs best burberry outlet coming up in the New Year some corporate work and shows with Yuk Yuk's. I'm playing Jibfest this year in February for their first comedy night, which should be a lot of fun." To keep things rolling, he said he is also busy off stage. "Off stage I just started a sketch group with some people in St.

John's called The Sketch Fort, and we're going to be putting out some sketches as we approach Christmas. I'm also starting a podcast called Wright On, which is focused on the arts and culture scene in Newfoundland.".

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