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Burberry Medium Haymarket Check Tote Bag 01 official online K52m7284


a very dangerous schizophrenic last time burberry outlet rosemont I was like this I killed someone. Could you please send a car here now please this is very important. was by then sitting in the A department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich waiting for staff to see her and transfer her to the psychiatric unit at Oxleas House. It was by now after 5am and she was beginning to get frustrated by the delay. In her second 999 call she said: need burberry men to come to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and take me into custody because I feeling very scared and paranoid and my psychiatrist has told me that when I am feeling like this I can be extremely dangerous. don want to start hurting anyone. I want to hand myself in now before I start hurting anyone else. police, apparently unaware that she had killed her own mother six years earlier, believed that they did not have to respond because she was already at the hospital a of burberry shorts sale safety. wasn satisfied and in a third call told the operator: in A at Queen Elizabeth. Now you really need to take me into custody please. people they just completely ignoring me. They won even phone the mental health people. won phone anyone, they won do anything for me at all. I really need you to take me into custody, yeah. you want me to hurt someone here, I telling you if you don come to Queen Elizabeth Hospital I gonna end up hurting someone. warnings continued in her fourth call: and if you don come and help me I gonna end up hurting someone. having a nervous breakdown. I really really not well. operator replied: but you are in a place of safety so you have got THE POLICE TO COME AND GET ME interrupted: I not in a place of safety, I in an exposed area. Can you just get the police to come and get me. I getting more and more dangerous. she felt ignored. In her fifth and final call she said: dangerous at the moment, I very dangerous. know the last time I was feeling like this I killed someone, the last time I was feeling like this I killed, I killed my mum. have got very strange ideas, I think I at the gates of heaven, burberry outlet london prices I think. was eventually seen by a psychiatric nurse at 5.30am but she was not transferred to the mental health until 6.30am. There was then a further delay while the night shift was replaced by the day shift. Edgington, still waiting at reception, finally lost patience at 7.05am when she walked out, telling staff: just going to call my care co ordinator. set off by bus towards Bexleyheath, possibly intending to go to the Bracton Centre in Dartford, the unit which had treated her after she stabbed her 60 year old mother Marion to death in 2005. Instead she went straight into a Wilkinsons shop and then an Asda to buy a knife, which she hid either in her bag or up her sleeve. It was 8.30am when Edgington spotted 22 year old Kerry Clark waiting at a bus stop on the high street listening to music on her headphones. She attempted to stab Miss Clark but the young woman bravely grabbed the blade of the knife and managed to disarm her. Edgington coolly demanded the knife back but then walked off and snatched a second knife from a butcher shop across the road. The knife she bought from Asda Her next movements were witnessed by a passer by who was able to give a running commentary to a 999 operator. Nicholas Morris was heard to say: just witnessed a lady try to stab another lady with a knife The girl was so lucky, the knife just missed her. need to get someone here. She walked out the shop. She walking down the road now. I following her down the High Street. Morris is then heard running after Edgington as she turned round the corner into Albion Road near the bowling alley. He tells the operator: attacking another woman, she stabbing another woman with a knife. can get there she stabbing another woman. She bloody killing her. Oh my God, she fing killed her. For God sake. are the police? I need some help here. had repeatedly stabbed 58 year old Sally Hodkin in the neck until her head was almost decapitated.

Mrs Hodkin, who was on her way to work as an accounts manager at a law firm, died almost instantly. Edgington was caught on CCTV running from the scene to a nearby tile centre where she was arrested. Detectives soon realised that Edgington had killed before only to be released back into the community in September 2009.

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