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Burberry Medium Haymarket Check Bowling Bag sale discount 3J8v1003


after site is targeted by vandals From This Is Lancashire Bolton Council had initially asked Great Places to consider changes to their plans, following concerns over the width of access roads, but the developer deemed those suggestions unviable.

Residents of Park Road said that, although they did not condone anti social behaviour, work being stopped was a morale victory under the circumstances. One resident of Park Road, who preferred not to be named, said: "We voiced our concerns about the project before and it in outlet london burberry the end we were not listened to but we accepted that and life goes on. "The fact now that work has had to stop is their problem and quite burberry outlet store prices frankly serves them right." As well as complaints over cars being blocked, residents have also complained loud noise from a generator through the night after 24 hour security was set up. Matthew Harrison, Great Places' chief executive, said that the development was granted approval with the road remaining at its original width and that there are no planning restrictions on hours of operation. He added: "Great Places was given approval by Bolton Council to develop 25 much needed family homes for affordable rent on Park Road, Little Lever in March 2017. "We consulted with local residents ahead of the planning application process and they raised a query regarding the width of Park Road. We took this to Bolton Council's Planning Officer and Highways Engineer and were advised that there was no requirement for the road to be widened given the size of the development. The development was granted approval with the road remaining at its original width. "There are no planning restrictions on the hours of operation but in order to minimise any disruption to local residents, our contractor has restricted its hours to 8am 6pm Monday Friday and 8am 1pm on a Saturday. "Unfortunately, the site has been repeatedly targeted by serious criminal and anti social behaviour activity. Five incidents have been reported to the police in the last eight weeks. "Lorries will be required for the development work to go ahead but due to the vandalism and anti social behaviour on site, additional lorries have been required to repair and replace damaged materials and to deliver a welfare unit to house two security guards day and night, seven days a week. The welfare site requires a generator. "We believe there is an ongoing police investigation into the criminal incidents at the Park Road site and we are continuing to work with police and local stakeholders to discuss how we can better secure the site, and safeguard our staff and contractors, moving forward. "Great Places and our contractor are keen to burberry sale items work with the local community to minimise disruption and ensure that the development is a success and provide much needed affordable homes for local people." Michael O'Neill, aged 45, of Park Road, said that it had been "a total nightmare" for residents since work started. He added: "Since the building works started on it has been a total nightmare. The security cabins should have been in the corner out of the way per their plans. They are not far from houses and they leave the generator running 24/7. We have also had HGV's pulling up from 7.30am leaving engines running and blocking the road. Also, they have been here well after 5pm by which time they should have finished." Cllr Sean Hornby said he wants to organise a public meeting to allow neighbours to voice their concerns to Great Places directly. He added: "All residents need the chance to air their concerns and have them answered.

" A Bolton Council spokesman said: "There has been no burberry men shoes outlet breach of planning conditions with what has taken place so far. Great Places started preparatory works to build a site compound which is classed as pre development work.".

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