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Burberry Large Haymarket Check Bowling Bag official clearance sale 718992nB


a year has passed December 5, 2011 was the inauguration of the newly elected Mayor and Council for the City of Cranbrook (pictured above).

At that meeting I talked about accountability and my commitment to provide you with an annual report card comparing what I said I was going to do and what has been accomplished. Here is a short summary limited by column space. Encourage, welcome and respect diverse viewpoints. We have welcomed and worked with, the disabled community, businesses, developers and individuals with a variety of concerns and issues. The feedback has been very positive people know that they can bring their perspectives to the Mayor's office and leave with the knowledge that they are valued. Meet one on one with citizens on weekends. One Saturday afternoon per month I meet people at burberry factory outlet store coffee shops around town at times and locations advertised in advance. Encourage our local radio station to set up a hotline phone in show. Once a month I do five minute community updates on both radio stations as they did not support a phone in format. Reinstate Brown Bag Meetings. Hour long Brown Bag meetings are held once a month in Council Chambers and you're invited burberry watch clearance to bring a lunch and share any concerns that you may have. Provide incentives for business to invest downtown. We have implemented the Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw. Encourage development within city limits. Business Licences totalled 1,477 to the end of October, already up 12% over all of 2011, and the value of Building Permits was $28,834,476 which is a 38.5% increase over 2011. Work with the Downtown Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce to develop new initiatives. The Chamber has been asked to provide council with a report on Barriers to Business in Cranbrook. We supported the Downtown Business Association's request to use 10th Avenue for their Street Fairs and approved free parking downtown for Black Friday. Make Cranbrook desirable for high tech burberry bikini and knowledge based industries. We need to work on this in 2013 and 2014. I have started a list of companies to call and would appreciate hearing your suggestions. For example, we need a men's clothing store Support local contractors in city developments. I have asked CABDA to educate us on improvements that we can make to encourage development and have met with developers to discuss potential projects. I would like to organize a workshop in 2013 with local contractors to help build knowledge on bidding on city contracts. Employment for Youth at a Living Wage. Keeping our kids in Cranbrook requires burberry stockists both an attractive lifestyle, which we have, and employment at a reasonable wage. I'd appreciate your help with this in 2013/2014. A full time horticulturalist. We have hired an Arborist/Horticulturist on staff to work with city staff, volunteers and businesses. Establish a Committee to improve Hwy 3 through Cranbrook. The committee has been established and will begin meeting shortly.

Create attractive entrances to town. Work has begun on the Elizabeth Lake entrance improvements which will feature a spectacular Welcome to Cranbrook sign. Council has increased funding for the Arts Council and are looking for a permanent home for the Arts.

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